Finally, an experiential workshop series provided as an eLearning platform exclusively for the world of Afterschool Professionals.


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An online professional growth experience for out-of-school time educators

The Flourish Lab is designed to positively shift the way adults show up for young people. In a series of transformative virtual workshops, we learn how to flourish first — before ever asking the youth in our care to do the same. The Flourish Lab offers practical, easy-to-use approaches for youth-serving adults grounded in proven social-emotional practices.

We want to ensure that before ever engaging with young people, every adult has access to expert guidance.

Why? So that they can understand how best to work with youth, and experience what a remarkable honor that is.

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With 40+ years of collective experience working and volunteering with young people and youth organizations, Amy Brady and Lana Hailemariam have come to this conclusion: the adults who work with young people during out-of-school time are some of education’s most unsung heroes. They are on a mission to change that!